Photos of Limpieza Internacional de Costas 2009


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Last week a group of more than 20 volunteers came out to clean Playa Marias as part of the International Coastal Cleanup day. The Playa Marias site was one of 6 being cleaned in Rincon, and one of hundreds being cleaned around Puerto Rico; The other sites around Rincon were Sandy Beach, Domes, Steps, the Balneario, and Barrio. All the volunteers enjoyed the time spent and effort put forth to help restore and maintain a better beach environment in Rincon. A feeling of gratification was evident knowing that at the same time volunteers all around the world were working simultaneously (more or less) to improve Earth's coastal habitats. Surfrider Foundation Rincon would like to thank Scuba Dogs for their continued passion towards beach and ocean conservation, the municipality of Rincon for their help, and all of the volunteers that made it truely possible. Thanks!


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