Urgent Need for UPAVIM Scholarship donations

Dear Friends,
It was just brought to my attention that UPAVIM is unable to give out their usual number of scholarships to children in the community due to lack of funding.  This is such a shame as it only costs $40/child/year and of course makes a huge difference in their lives. I know this has been something that many of you have felt compelled to give to in the past so I wanted to let you know in case you could help again this year. I hate asking especially just after the Haiti earthquake and so much need there. But if you have anything left to spare – any size contribution is very welcome and we would be forever grateful.  For  those of you not familiar with the program UPAVIM gives hundreds of scholarships every year to kids in their impoverished neighborhood. The children need to show their report cards in order to keep up the scholarship. There are tutors, usually volunteers from all over the world, that tutor kids having problems with classes. 
UPAVIM has a foundation in the USA that is a 501c3 organization so your donation is tax deductible.  If you can help us out at this time please e-mail me and let me know how much you can give now and put a check in the mail. They are turning away people at this time so the appeal is rather urgent. If we know the funding is coming we can borrow the money from other sources until we get the money in the bank.  Please help if you can!
Make checks payable to UCDF or UPAVIM Community Development Foundation. At this time it is best to mail to me because our Treasurer is in Guatemala.
Mail to:
9607 Dr. Perry Rd.  #`114
Ijamsville, Md.  21754
Call me at the number below if you have any questions – thanks so much!
Mary Joan Ferrara-Marsland
US Marketing Director and Distributor
UPAVIM Crafts and Mayan Hands