Bucaré Urban Garden

Hola from a B.U.G. (Bucaré Urban Gardener)

Don't miss B.U.G.s OPEN HOUSE during Earth Week April 18-25,2010 celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day during 2010: The Year of Biodiversity (as per the United Nations).

As an hors d'eourve I thought you'd enjoy these YouTube links...Both VERY Inspirational! Definately worth your while!

Organic city gardening (11:00)
How one city [Havana!] tackles the lack of food, and grows their own.  

also this one!!

Gardening for Life (4:10) [Gardens in Schools]
How to get children eating better food - vegetables and fruit primarily. Australia have devised a brilliant scheme. The women behind it - world renown chef, Stephanie Alexander, her idea is simple...veggie gardens and kitchens in schools!!!!  

Buen Provecho,

Susie Fairbank,Green Cuisine Caterer & a B.U.G.