Fair Trade Product of the Week: Simply Organic® Banana Bread

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via Fair Trade Certified ™ Blog by Jenna on 4/6/10

In a world of approaching deadlines, full agendas and fast-paced everything, the art of baking is nearly obsolete. For some, the closest we get to the smell of fresh-baked goods in the oven is the sugar cookie scented candle we received from last year's white elephant holiday party. But fear no more, because with the Simply Organic® Banana Bread baking mix, all you need in one hour, two (Fair Trade Certified) bananas, two eggs and some running water and you've got yourself a delicious loaf of homemade banana bread.
Aside from being both Fair Trade Certified and Organic Certified, this gluten-free banana bread packs the punch of those healthy, wholesome ingredients that make it so unique. You won't find any high fat, heavily processed ingredients in this baking mix. Instead, enjoy the healthful flavor of organic brown rice flour, the nostalgic warmth of cinnamon and allspice, and the natural sweetness of perfectly ripe bananas.

Not only is the Simply Organic® Banana Bread baking mix exceptionally delicious, it is also incredibly versatile and highly adaptable to the eating practices of the consumer. To make this bread into a Vegan delicacy, simply replace the eggs with powdered egg substitute. It can also be transformed into a baked banana cake, healthy banana muffins, or even chocolate chip banana bread. Just look at the recipes on the box for some great ideas on how to explore the wonderful world of bananas.
So no more excuses busy people! With Simply Organic® Banana Bread you can have a homemade moment and still make that 5 o'clock deadline. It's quick, easy, and one of the best darn banana breads out there. Just make sure to savor the warmth, the sweetness and the melt in your mouth goodness, because if you like it as much as we do it sure won't last long!
You can find Simply Organic® Banana Bread baking mix at your local natural foods store or you can order online.

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