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Direct Partnerships with Organic Farmers Yield Quality and Sustainability
As part of its ongoing commitment to ethical sourcing, Frontier Natural Products Co-op became the first company in the U.S. to offer consumers Fair Trade CertifiedTM organic spices in both a bulk and packaged version last year. The seven new organic spices all come from Sri Lanka, where a partnership between Frontier and Trans Fair International directly helped local farmers' crops become Fair Trade Certified.
fb_fair_trade_spices_on_slateFair Trade products also benefit the growers, their families, and their communities by helping provide a better standard of living. "We're responding to the increasing demand for all Fair Trade products, but what makes our Fair Trade organic spices truly different are the personal relationships we have with the spice farmers," says Kai Stark, organic spice buyer at Frontier Natural Products Co-op. Stark spends time with the growers in their homes, their communities and on their farms.
"The small spice farmers and producers in Sri Lanka really understand quality and sustainability," he explains. "From composting to erosion control, rain-harvesting techniques to small-scale bio-gas production, the farmers Frontier works with in Sri Lanka produce some of the highest-quality spices in the world using the best sustainable practices anywhere."
Currently in the bulk aisle of your favorite natural and organic retailer, the line-up of organic Fair Trade Certified spices includes several grinds of black pepper and whole black peppercorns, white pepper (ground and whole peppercorns), Ceylon cinnamon (ground and sticks), cloves (ground and whole), mace (ground and whole), nutmeg (ground and whole), ground ginger and ground turmeric.
fairtradeThe line-up of organic Fair Trade Certified spices available in Frontier's innovative flip-top, single-hand dispenser bottles includes whole black peppercorns, medium grind black pepper, ground white pepper, Ceylon cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and turmeric. "Each spice is clearly illustrated on the bottle label so consumers can quickly and easily identify them on the store shelf," explains Brett Karminski, brand manager at Frontier Natural Products Co-op.
"These Fair Trade organic spices make us especially proud because of the personal relationships we have with the spice farmers in Sri Lanka. They produce some of the highest-quality spices while using the sustainable practices as good as those found anywhere in the world," says Karminski.
The new Frontier Fair Trade Certified organic spices are available now at www.frontiercoop.com and in both bulk and bottled spice sections at natural food retailers nationwide.
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