Consumer Activism and “Carrot Mob”

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via Ecopreneurist by Guest Contributor on 11/4/10

This is a guest post by Priti Ambani.

What if there was a way for consumers to reward eco-businesses who are doing social good? I recently came across a really innovative practice called Carrotmob. When companies do wrong socially or ecologically we boycott their products and services. Well, what if a company is leading the way in being responsible, what do you do? Help them make economic gains and spread the word about their good acts. This is Carrotmob.
Carrotmob is a novel way to reward companies going above and beyond to bring social and environmental betterment. To reward them, you "mob" their business; advertise their good deeds to bring them economic rewards for their efforts.
The website describes Carrotmob as "…a type of consumer activism in which businesses compete at how socially responsible they can be, and then a network of consumers spends money to support whichever business makes the strongest offer. We harness consumer power to make it possible for the most socially responsible business practices to also be the most profitable choices. It's the opposite of a boycott".
The ideology is very simple, instead of using strict regulations and rules to enforce corporate sustainability; the idea is to lure businesses to take positive steps with the "carrot" of increased revenues dangling in front of them! Businesses now have the economic impetus to keep up the good work and word spreads about sustainable alternatives available. On the other hand, the consumers or the mob feels empowered about contributing to greater good of the environment and society.
Carrotmob is a worldwide consumer activism body and has organized "mobs" all over the world. Do you want to know if there is one happening in your city, check out their Carrotmob map and if you want to organize one, they have a detailed "How-to" as well.
Priti Ambani is an avid environmentalist and writer with interests in corporate social responsibility and eco-marketing. A civil & environmental engineer by profession, she is also a self-proclaimed food/travel enthusiast and enjoys photography!

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