Make a Fair Trade Resolution

Happy New Year! Many of us start the new year with resolutions; goals and promises to improve ourselves. In 2012, why not make a resolution to improve the lives of artisans and their families around the world?
This year, we ask you to give just one SERRV gift to someone who doesn't know about us.
  • Give a piece of Haitian wall art as a meaningful house warming gift.
  • Going to a party? Bring a few bars of Divine Chocolate as a hostess gift.
  • Visiting your parents for the weekend? Arrive bearing bags of delicious fair trade coffee.
  • Surprise someone special with gorgeous Valentine's Day jewelry.
  • Celebrate a friend's birthday by giving her an adorable double carved animal or a unique treasure box.
Why is this important? SERRV depends on you to help spread the word about our products and mission. And, the more products we sell, the more we all support our 60 artisan partners in 30 countries.

Children at the school funded by our partner Nyabigena in Kenya
SERRV's fair trade work goes far beyond paying a fair wage. We invest in our artisan partners by providing tools, training, and design and marketing support. Our partners, in turn, invest in their communities through projects that benefit everyone. Projects include HIV/AIDS education, building water wells, improving schools, and teaching skills that empower families to improve their lives.
It's amazing to contemplate what your SERRV purchase does. One purchase provides a steady stream of income for a family while supporting projects that benefit entire communities.
Isn't that a message worth sharing? Please, share the SERRV story and help us create a more just 2012 for families everywhere.
Watch a video of children at the school supported by our partner Nyabigena in Kenya. This video was taken last year by Kerry, SERRV's regional merchandiser.