¡No dejes el chocolate como sacrificio de cuaresma!

No dejes el chocolate como sacrificio de cuaresma. Ofrece tu apoyo a las comunidades de agricultores que trabajan bajo los principios de Comercio Justo, así puedes practicar tu espiritualidad a través de quienes más lo necesitan.
Don't give up chocolate and coffee this Lent!

The Arriola family is preparing for Lent. What are your plans?

As Lent rolls around each year, people ask themselves what they're going to give up. It's often chocolate, coffee, TV, a particular luxury item. However, some people ask, "What extra thing can I to add to my Lenten observance?" It might be a few hours of volunteering or spending more time with family or friends or being more mindful to set aside some time for prayer each day.

Lent, which begins next month, offers us six weeks to enter deeply into the work of returning and rebuilding a loving relationship with God and with other people. Lent is about something more, not something less.

While this might seem like a clever way of making sure fair trade coffee and chocolate are mindfully consumed throughout the Lenten season, Catholic Relief Services invites you to do something more during Lent, by offering simple but powerful ways to help us return to a right relationship with God and bring our Catholic faith to life.

Through CRS' Operation Rice Bowl, you can pray, fast and give alms for the poor around the world who are served by CRS while living out our call to serve the hungry, the poor, and the lonely.  Here are some ways to participate:
  • Read daily reflections and weekly stories from beneficiaries of CRS' programs in the Lenten Calendar.  Fair Traders may find stories from Madagascar and El Salvador of particular interest.
  • Prepare one of the recipes of simple, meatless meals from different countries each Friday during Lent.
  • Sign-up to receive the Weekly Reflections each Monday for a deeper experience during your Lenten journey.
So, before you decide to give up that Fair Trade coffee or eat less chocolate this Lent, consider instead taking a journey with CRS to Madagascar, Vietnam, El Salvador, Zambia and India, and do something a little extra on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world.

And don't forget as Easter approaches to buy fair trade chocolate eggs!

Fuente: http://www.crsfairtrade.org/2012/01/dont-give-up-chocolate-and-coffee-this-lent/

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