Article: Protein propaganda: It’s what’s for dinner

Early USDA guidelines highlighted the "meat group."
Los vegetarianos estamos cansados de que la gente nos pregunte "¿y de dónde consigues tus proteinas?" Este artículo encuentra la razón detrás de el afán por consumir y sobreconsumir proteinas.

Protein propaganda: It's what's for dinner

Most vegetarians are tired of being asked, “Where do you get your protein?” by a seemingly concerned family member, friend, or even stranger.

I know many vegetarians and none of us have come close to suffering from Kwashiorkor. Never heard of it? It’s a form of malnutrition from lack of protein, found in areas of famine and extreme poverty. Protein deficiency is rare in the developed world, despite a significant portion of the population eschewing meat.

So where did this idea come from that vegetarians and vegans are doomed to a life of protein deficiency?
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