Plantas medicinales amigas

 Las plantas medicinales se aparecen en nuestras vidas cuando las necesitamos.  Según María Benedetti en sus estudios de etnobotánica, tradicionalmente en Puerto Rico se cree que las plantas que crecen cerca de tu casa son las plantas que tienen la medicina que necesitas para sanarte.  Honremos las bendiciones que nos traen las plantas evitando utilizar pesticidas tóxicos en nuestros hogares.

El artículo de hoy muestra la felicidad con la que alguien descubrió la intimidad con una de nuestras plantas medicinales que a veces se consideran matojos. Para más información sobre la medicina tradicional puertorriqueña consigue cualquiera de los libros de María Benedetti en La Chiwinha, Tu EcoTienda Solidaria.

Plaintain herb or Llanten

The horror! When I saw that bottle of weed killer in a famous home improvement super store that had the plaintain herb on it's label as if it were enemy number one. And, I believe my imagination ran away with me for a bit: what if... it was a plot to destroy the one plant that has been used to restore cancer patients to health, with amazing results?! Ha ha! Definitely either they (weed killer companies) know and don't care, or, they are oblivious to the benefits of this amazing herb.
In my adventures learning about permaculture, I hadn't a clue about weed killers, because my grandmother (my first herb teacher) never used them. My husband, having grown up on a really big farm, did see weed killers being used for the first time as a way to make daily chores easier for very little farm hands in the 80's. Unfortunately. Now that we both know the harm they do, we avoid them.
But back to the plaintain. (I tend to get off subject.) I have read at least three accounts by medicine women of how this plant has been effective on not just on favoring the cell regeneration expected after chemotherapy, but also on controlling depression, anxiety, and fibromyalgia, which is a closely related ailment.
Where are my sources? I rather not reveal, but I can refer you to Maria Benedetti's Earth and Spirit. You may find it at Sacred Fire Community, or at La Chiwinha (@Rio Piedras, near ATI Train Station) in Puerto Rico: The only fair trade store here.

I was inpired to write about this after sipping some Llanten green tea I made a few days ago. I love the scent. And sugar just ruins it. I think I'll add a bit of native ginger to it. Happy Healing!